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Application for Initial Approval

Organizations seeking CAR CAMO approval must undergo an application process with the CAA. This process typically involves submitting detailed documentation demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements, as well as undergoing assessments and audits by CAA airworthiness inspectors.

1. Initial Assessment:

Organizations should conduct an initial assessment to understand San Marino CAA requirements and evaluate their readiness. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the requirements to ensure full compliance, so we invite you to consult and review the reference documents available below.

2. Qualified Personnel:

CAMOs must have a clearly defined organizational structure, including designated a designated accountable manager who must nominate and key personnel responsible for airworthiness management, quality assurance, and safety oversight, acceptable to the CAA.

Within your organization, it is required to employ or contract the following management personnel, appropriate training, experience, and certifications to carry out airworthiness management activities: acceptable to the CAA:

  1. Accountable Manager.
  2. Quality Manager.
  3. Postholder Continuing Airworthiness
  4. Independent auditors, if applicable.

For proper nominations, complete Form SM 54B and submit this along with Supporting documentation such as CV, Certificates, licenses etc. should be provided to support the person’s nomination.

If a person is nominated to hold two or more management positions, please be aware that a separate Form is required for each position as the acceptance is based on the qualifications and work experience relevant to the position and responsibilities, they have.

3. Preparation of Documentation:

Organizations must prepare documentation and procedures in compliance with SM CAA regulatory standards. This includes developing maintenance programs, procedures for airworthiness management, and documentation of maintenance activities.

As you will note an organization is required to produce a Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME). It is important to refer to CAP 32 which is the User Guide to assist you in the production of your CAME, specific to your organization, accordingly.

 4. Application Submission:

Once documentation is prepared, organizations can submit an application for CAMO approval using Form SM 166 and submit with supporting documentation such as:

  • a copy of the Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME).  The CAME may be produced in hard copy or electronic format but an electronic version for submission and retention by the CAA. The CAME must be in the English language;
  • a copy of any documents referenced in the CAME necessary for the approval e.g. procedures manual, a separate Quality Manual, if applicable;
  • Form SM Form 168 (CAR CAMO Compliance Statement);
  • Form SM 54B (Key Management Personnel Nominations).

5. Evaluation Documentation:

An airworthiness inspector will need to conduct an evaluation of the documentation to assess the organization’s compliance with regulatory standards and suitability for CAMO approval.

6. Facilities and Equipment Inspection

An airworthiness inspector will need to conduct an on-site inspection of the facilities and equipment necessary to support CAMO operations. The audit will be scheduled at a convenient date for both parties.

7. Approval Issuance:

Upon successful completion of evaluations and inspections, organizations will be issued CAMO approval, allowing them to perform continuing airworthiness management activities for contracted aircraft within their scope of approval.

Reference Documents Document Doc Revision Rev


Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation



General Airworthiness and Registration Regulations


CAR 21

Certification of Aircraft


CAP 02

Airworthiness and Maintenance


CAP 12

Maintenance Programmes (General Aviation)


CAP 21

Mandatory Occurrence Reporting


CAP 32

CAR CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Expositions

Initial Issue


Maintenance Programme Declaration and CAA Acceptance



Management Personnel Nomination for CAR CAMO



CAR CAMO Initial Application and Variation Application Form



CAR CAMO Compliance Statement