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Type Certificate

A Type Certificate (TC) and the associated Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS) issued by the following will be acceptable to the CAA.

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States
  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
  • Transport Canada (TCCA)
  • United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA)
  • Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) of Brazil provided the aircraft type has previously had a Type Certificate issued by FAA, EASA or TCCA.

In practice this means that the CAA will accept an aircraft from any of the above NAAs without the aircraft having to undergo any modifications to revert it to the certification standard of the State of Design.

The Type Acceptance Certificate (TAC) covers the entire aircraft and any engine/airframe combination covered by the TCDS.

In the matter of STCs embodied on an aircraft, CAA will accept without further review any STC that has been previously approved by the above National Aviation Authorities.  These STCs will be accepted when CAA SMR first issues the aircraft with a Certificate of Airworthiness.

With regard to aircraft that have been “Type Accepted” via the ANAC Type Certificate particular attention is required as to the acceptable approval basis for any Design Change. For example a Major design change that has been approved by ANAC must meet CAR 21 Subpart C and at the very least CAR 21.73(b)(3). This means that the Design Change besides being ANAC approved must also have been certified, approved, validated or accepted by either EASA, FAA or TCCA through an internationally recognised bilateral agreement (and associated TIP) between that state and Brazil.

It is incumbent on the applicant to demonstrate how any design changes, including Service Bulletins, have been accepted via an internationally recognised bilateral agreement with either FAA, EASA or TCCA and the applicable State. In order to assist the applicant in this regard they can access the bilateral agreements via clicking on the applicable weblink below:

FAA Aviation Safety Bilateral Agreement Listing
EASA International Cooperation by Country Listing
TCCA Bilateral Agreements and Arrangements
ANAC Brazil International Agreements
CAA Israel Bilateral Agreements

The CAR 21 | Certification of Aircraft addresses the certification of aircraft and related products, parts and appliances.

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CAR 21

Certification of Aircraft