San Marino, RSM 09:58 pm, May 30 20°C

    Organizational Structure

    Dott. Ing. Marco Conti

    Director General

    Cpt. Dennis Michelotti

    Chief Operating Officer

    Eng. Giorgia Zafferani

    Deputy Chief Operating Officer

    Lawyer Elisa Donnini

    Legal Expert

    Ian Chapman

    Training Manager

    Hazel Courteney

    Safety Manager

    Cpt. Paul Stephens

    Head of Flight Operations

    Eng. Frank Bauer

    Head of Airworthiness

    Giovanni Petroni

    Airworthiness Inspector

    Eng. Giacomo Mularoni

    Airworthiness Inspector

    Dr. Oscar Meile

    Medical Assessor

    Dott. Elisa Conti

    Licensing & Administrative Officer

    Dott. Arianna Benedettini

    Licensing Officer

    Sara Pasquali

    Administration Officer