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    Occurrence Reporting

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    The objective of reporting is to prevent accidents:

    1. The overall objective of the occurrence reporting scheme is to use reported information to improve the level of flight safety and not to attribute blame.

    The detailed objectives of the scheme are:

    1. To enable an assessment of the safety implications of each relevant incident and accident to be made, including previous similar occurrences, so that any necessary action can be initiated; and
    2. To ensure that knowledge of relevant incidents and accidents is disseminated so that other persons and organisations may learn from them.
    3. This reporting process is applicable for all reports including dangerous goods, mandatory, security (may require immediate notification), voluntary and wildlife strikes.
    4. Following the submission of a report, further information and attachments can be added to the report later. To do this click ‘Submit an update to a previous report’ and quote the FULL REPORT NUMBER and VALIDATION CODE.
    5. If your report is confidential you may indicate this by selection. You will be contacted personally to acknowledge receipt, discuss implications and possibly obtain further information. A course of action will be mutually agreed. All reports that are shared will be dis-identified. A reporter submitting a confidential report must accept an investigation may be inhibited. Please note that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed where a caveat on prosecution applies, i.e. dereliction of duty amounting to gross negligence.
    6. We have provided a link to allow practice reports to be filed for training and familiarisation purposes. Reports submitted to our test system will be periodically deleted with no review or action taken. You will not receive an email confirming submission when using the test report web-portal.

    If you have any problems reporting using this system, please email

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