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Aircraft which are in Storage, Parked or between Leases


San Marino Aircraft Registry has been servicing leading aircraft leasing companies principally engaged in leasing aircraft to airline customers worldwide.

On a continuous basis we work with lessors to register their assets under T7- in the private category until they are returned to commercial service.

We offer the below services for lessors in order to service them promptly when in need.


Services and Solutions we often provided to our clients:

  • Delivery
  • Re-delivery & Early re-delivery
  • Repossessions
  • Certificate of Registration and/or Certificate of Airworthiness for ACFT on Storage
  • ACFT with invalid C of As, and need to move ASAP for maintenance
  • Permits to Fly
  • Aircraft without Export C of As
  • Aircraft parked on a storage programme
  • Parking/transition between leasing


Main Benefits when registering with San Marino:

  • Special/Tailored Scheme of fees.
  • Aircraft registration process timeframe: Within seven (7) Days. 
  • Foreign nationals and foreign companies may register or maintain the registration of their aircraft in the San Marino after simply electing domicile with a local representative for minimal annual fee. Is not required to incorporate a San Marino company
  • Within 48hrs we can deploy an inspector to carry-out the aircraft physical inspection and its records for CofA or permit to fly.
  • We accept automatically aircraft TCDS from EASA, FAA, Transport Canada, UK CAA and Brazil
  • Aircraft imported from an EASA Member State requires No Export Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) provided the aircraft has a Certificate of Airworthiness with a valid Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC).
  • Pilot license validations up to four (4) pilots are free or charge.
  • Maintenance Repair Organization(MRO) we accept automatically an approval granted by the following National Aviation Authorities in accordance with their applicable regulations;
  1. EASA Part 145;
  2. UAE GCAA CAR 145;
  3. Singapore CAAS SAR Part 145;
  4. EASA Part M, Subpart F;
  5. FAA FAR Part 145;
  6. Hong Kong CAD KHAR-145; and
  7. Transport Canada Civil Aviation CAR Part V, Subpart 73.
  8. UK CAA Part 145