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Any organisation that wishes to maintain a San Marino registered aircraft, and holds an approval granted by the following National Aviation Authorities (NAA), are considered accepted organisations to perform aircraft maintenance within their approved scope of work:

(1) EASA Part 145;
(2) UAE GCAA CAR 145;
(3) Singapore CAAS SAR Part 145;
(4) EASA Part M, Subpart F;
(5) FAA FAR Part 145;
(6) Hong Kong CAD KHAR-145; and
(7) Transport Canada Civil Aviation CAR Part V, Subpart 73.
(8) UK CAA Part 145

If you are approached by an aircraft owner or operator for the maintenance of a San Marino registered aircraft and require an formal letter describing the acceptance by CAA, then please click on the appropriate link below:

EASA Part 145 maintenance organisation
UAE GCAA CAR 145 maintenance organisation
Singapore CAAS SAR Part 145 maintenance organisation
EASA Part M Subpart F organisation
FAA certified 14 CFR Part 145 repair station
Hong Kong HKAR-145 maintenance organisation
Transport Canada CAR Part V Subpart 73 maintenance organisation
UK CAA Part 145 maintenance organisation

Any organisation that does not hold a valid approval from a NAA identified in the list above, may be approved upon application, subject to that organisation demonstrating to the satisfaction of the CAA, compliance with the requirement of CAR 145.

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List of San Marino approved CAR 145 Maintenance Organisations

March 2024

CAR 145

Approved Maintenance Organisations