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Continuing Airworthiness Management by a Nominated Airworthiness Coordinator (NAC)

For aircraft operated under CAR OPS 2A/H or CAR OPS 4, the owner or operator of an aircraft, for which continuing airworthiness is not managed by a SM CAA approved CAMO, shall appoint a Nominated Airworthiness Coordinator (NAC).

Form SM 64A must be used during the initial CofA process in order to nominate the NAC, to which a CV, certificates, licences, etc. must be attached for acceptance. A change to the NAC must be notified to the CAA in advance using form SM 64, enclosing a CV, certificates, licences, etc. for acceptance by the CAA.

The NAC can be either an internal or external person to the owner/operator.

The NAC shall have sufficient aviation engineering background and experience to manage the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft in question and will be the focal point of contact for the Operator with the CAA.

In addition, the NAC will also be responsible for establishing appropriate arrangements to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and standards to maintain the airworthiness of the aircraft.

It should be further noted that management of continuing airworthiness, in-house or outsourced shall remain the ultimate responsibility of the owner or operator.

For further details on the responsibilities of a NAC, please refer to CAR AIR Subpart B.

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