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Continuing Airworthiness Management by San Marino Approved CAR CAMO Organisation

For aircraft operated under CAR OPS 2A/H or CAR OPS 4, the owner/operator of an aircraft may decide to have arrangements for continuing airworthiness management with an SM CAA approved CAR Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO).

The management for continuing airworthiness shall remain the responsibility of the approved CAMO, and who shall appoint a person approved to the Authority and known as the Continuing Airworthiness Manager.

If the continuing airworthiness is managed by the approved CAMO, the aircraft may qualify for a Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) valid for a period of 36 months, instead of a 12/24 months CofA validity.

A contract is required for the arrangement between the owner/operator with an approved CAMO, except when the owner/operator has an in-house approved CAMO. A template for the contract required, can be found as an Appendix 3 to CAP 32, citing the obligations of the owner/operator and CAMO.

For further details on the arrangements for continuing airworthiness management by an approved CAMO, please refer to CAP 02 Section 21.2.

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