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Introduction (SSP)

San Marino takes the responsibilities of a State Safety Programme seriously. We are determined to provide our family of operators and aircraft owners with the best support for effective safety management, making the best use of our resources and without imposing unnecessary burdens or complexity.

The State Safety Programme (SSP) describes the structure of regulations and activities that San Marino has established in order to protect the safety of aviation, both for our Operators and the owners of the aircraft that are registered here. The elements of the SSP are laid down by ICAO, which provides a ‘checklist’ of items that the State should achieve. This includes the primary legislation, the existence of a Civil Aviation Authority, detailed Operating Regulations, processes for Inspections and collection of data to help us to identify hazards and assess risks, and implementation of SMS. The SSP document provides the details of San Marino’s achievements to date, for each element of the SSP structure.

Because San Marino is a small State, we achieve some of the assessment of risk and provision of safety resources by linking to international data and guidance. This takes advantage of global safety data and expertise, which is applicable to our operations. In specific cases, we provide our own tailored information when this might be more focused than the broader international information available. These can be found in our links to international web-sites and to our own Safety Notices, publications and events.

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State Safety Programme