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Delivering the World’s Finest Aircraft Registration Experience

San Marino Aircraft Registry would like to extend a warm welcome to private, corporate, aerial work and commercial air transport operations.

Our Staff will strive to meet your expectations by delivering the highest cost-effective level of Service, without compromising Safety.

A great deal of useful information, including regulations, publications, forms, scheme of fees, and benefits with regard to the registration of aircraft in San Marino can be found on this Website.

We look forward to serving you!

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7 July 2023

San Marino Achieved USA FAA Category 1

The Republic of San Marino has achieved the USA FAA…

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22 April 2022

San Marino Safety Conference | Virtual Event | 8 June 2022

This year San Marino is holding its Aviation Safety Conference…

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2 February 2022


San Marino Aircraft Registry has been servicing leading aircraft leasing…

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