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Renewal of a Certificate of Airworthiness

The application for the renewal of a C of A for an aircraft registered in the Republic of San Marino can be made using FORM SM 28 or FORM SM 28A, as applicable

To assist aircraft owners and operators to plan well in advance for the renewal, an application may be made up to sixty days prior to the expiry of the current certificate with no loss of validity or periodicity.

The CAP 08 | Certificate of Airworthiness is a guide for the person who will be presenting an aircraft and its associated records and documents to a CAA airworthiness inspector.

The person presenting the aircraft and its records would normally be the Nominated Airworthiness Coordinator or Postholder for Continuing Airworthiness, unless different arrangements are agreed in advance with the assigned CAA airworthiness inspector. This person is responsible, prior to the aircraft inspection, to perform their own inspection of the aircraft and its associated records and documents for ensuring they meet CAA standards and requirements.

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Application for the Renewal of C of A for 12 or 24 months



Application for the Renewal of Certificate of Airworthiness for 36 months


CAP 08

Certificate of Airworthiness