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Pre-Application Phase

The first step to initiate the AOC certification process, is for the applicant that intents to apply for an AOC to complete an AOC pre-assessment statement, Form SM 53 and submit for CAA review.

If all the information is acceptable, the CAA will make the necessary arrangements to schedule the pre-application meeting with the applicant and CAA certification team members.

The purpose of the pre-application meeting is to provide an overview of the certification process and discuss all aspects of the proposed operation and the specific requirements, which must be met to be certificated as an air operator.

The applicant will be given the opportunity to ask questions about the certification process, so it is recommended that the operator’s key management personnel attends.

If the pre-application meeting is satisfactory and both parties are in agreement that the application may proceed you will be asked to submit a formal application.

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AOC Pre-Assessment Statement