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    Facilitation can be defined as a combination of measures made up of human and material resources implemented with the aim of promoting and optimizing the flow of aircraft, crews, passengers and goods at airports, while simultaneously ensuring compliance with relevant national and international legislative measures.

    In conformity with ICAO Annex 9, CAR FAL and the Chicago Convention, the Government of the Republic of San Marino has established a National Air Transport Facilitation Committee (NATFC) and a national transport facilitation programme.

    The purpose of the National Air Transport Facilitation Committee (NATFC) is to coordinate facilitation activities between departments, agencies and other organisations of San Marino concerned with, or responsible for, various aspects of international civil aviation as well as with airport and aircraft operators.

    The objective of the national transport facilitation programme is to adopt all practicable measures to facilitate the movement of aircraft, crews, passengers, cargo, mail and stores, by removing unnecessary obstacles and delays.

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    National Air Transport Facilitation Committee

    National Air Transport Facilitation Programme