San Marino, RSM 10:01 pm, May 30 20°C

Jorge Colindres becomes a Knight

Jorge Colindres, Executive Chairman of “ARG” and San Marino Aircraft Registry, was honored by the Republic of San Marino with the noble title of Knight of the Equestrian Order of Sant’Agata.
The Captains Regents, during the ceremony, focused, among other things, on the strong bond of friendship with the Colindres Family and on the positive economics the sector.
In 2012 Aviation Registry Group “ARG” with Headquarter in Miami, FL and in collaboration with the San Marino Civil Aviation Authority, have achieved today 240 registered aircraft. Such initiative from the San Marino Government has created an activity in which contributes positevely to the local economy, fundamentally it has positioned San Marino in the pinnacle of the in the aviation industry.